Welcome to the official Creative Club site! You needn’t be a member to join, but it’s a group where you can unleash your creative side, get crazy, express your ideas, and most of all…be yourself! Writers, artists, singers, aspiring scientists, socially awkward introverts, fun-loving extroverts, optimists, pessimists…whatever you are, you’re welcome!

There are many ways to join, as specified below. Or you could just comment saying you’d like to.

And the best part? Any one can join and post on here. It’s a free-for all.

We blog about every topic under the sun, from books(which we’re  all crazy about ‘cause literature is LIFE) to food to writing to psychological tricks you can use to astound your friends to music to just thought-provoking stuff which may even be random thoughts which just happened to cross our minds and refused to leave.

We hope you enjoy our site, as honestly, all of us here are amateurs at blogging and suck it. So excuse our tardiness.

To read more blogs from us, go to ‘Blog’.

Signing off,


Admin of the Site


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Grass-Berry says:

    We customized the theme of the site

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FireflyLover says:

      I prefered the earlier theme, tho.


  2. Sea Flower says:



  3. FireflyLover says:

    I love this website! It’s super-cool. Can I please join?


    1. Grass-Berry says:

      Yep, sure:D…
      Have you sent me your e-mail ID?


  4. Lavender Dew says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lavender Dew says:

      Dude I came here without the knowledge of You-Know-Who, ugh well you know what i mean


  5. Grass-Berry says:

    @Lavender-Dew, um…what??????
    Like, Voldemort, right???
    OK, I can tell that’s not it, but you know me. A fangirl at heart.
    But, yeah, Potterheads forever!
    Speaking of which, you should really read Letters to the Lost…
    But don’t touch Insurgent. It sucks.
    Uh, whatever, I’m ranting. But believe me, Insurgent is nothing-NOTHING-like Divergent. So…


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